This time we left Simi Valley about 1:30 giving Jim a chance to fly Friday evening and Saturday morning. To make things even better we had perfect weather and Jim had smooth flights. Unfortunately the radios still had problems. It turns out that the radio in the van was not connected to the antenna. Oh well next time we'll get things right.
This is the ranch where Jim stores his plane
Using a can as a tripod I composed this picture of El Mirage Dry Lake using 5 seperate pictuers.
We arrived at the camp site about 4:30 pm and immediately set about putting the plane together. With that chore done we rested until Jim was ready to take off.
When the sun dropped low in the sky Jim was off and 20min. later he was back.
We refueled the plane and Jim was off again.
He flew by for this picture and then he was long gone...
While Jim flew around there was nothing for me to do but take pictures and cook dinner.
This is part of a movie set on the far side of the lake
The sunset was so interesting I took several shots at various exposures.
Hey theres Jim, good cus I'm hungry.
That was my best flite in a long time.
Friday Evening Pictures
Saturday Morning Pictures
Pre flite test and Flintstone's pose
The sun is up its time to go
Bye Jim
Again while Jim flys I took pictures of the scenery and anything that flew by the camp site
The story goes that several years ago a father and son crashed and died here
Wow another smooooth flight the was a good weekend
On the way back to the ranch I saw the El mirage mirage, way cool!
Jim opens the gate to the ranch
As we drove away I took a parting shot of the ranch
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