This trip started off much the same as the first trip. We put most of the plane together on Friday night and finished up the next morning.  But this time we had a big problem, one of the propeller blades had a big chip missing from the tip of the blade. Apparently the plane had bounced around during the drive to the lake and it hit the roof of the trailer.  One of Jim's friends suggested cutting off the white painted tip of the blade, so he did. In fact Jim cut all 3 blades to maintain the balance of the propeller.  After completing repairs and a quick test of the prop Jim took off.  As soon as Jim took off we had radio problems.  Between dead batteries and ignition noise the radios were useless. Not to be deterred Jim circled twice then gave up on the radio. He waved goodbye and headed for the hills.
Jim cuts the prop.
Tower to Jim
U R cleared for take off.
Tower 2 Jim
Can U hear me now?
This is the last time
I saw Jim for over 2 hours
While Jim went off on his big adventure I took some pictures of the dry lake
I also took a few pictures of the rest of the ultralite gang flying around the lake
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